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Stained glass lamp shade repair

     Stained glass lamp shade repair implies the repairs I’m working on are performed on a lamp crafted using a copper foil technique of construction. Basically where every piece of stained glass is wrapped with foil then soldered in place creating a unique stained glass lamp shade design. Stained glass lamp shade work almost always involves the copper technique. Hence the term stained glass lamp repair includes lamps also made by Tiffany. Like the example below shows.

Stained glass lamp shade repair

    NOTE: The lamp below is not a Tiffany lamp but a style of construction that is credited to Tiffany’s method of constructing lamps.  The lamp below represents an advanced stained glass lamp shade repair using “copper foil” to hold the glass panels together.  Because every piece of glass is bent, foiled and assembled.  stained glass lamp shade repair

     Many of the real Tiffany designs of the time used flat glass that was copper foiled. 

     Keeping the flat glass pieces small allowed the shape of the shades to be curved.  Having bent pieces of foiled glass was a huge labor difference in the process of making a lamp.   Even the lamps made in China today stay away from bending glass.  This circa 1910 bent stained glass lamp shade uses the typical caramel and white base color (11D) with a complimenting deep orange amber color.  This period antique stained glass shade repair was completed by me and sold by Tom at  Genuine antique lighting in Boston.  You can view his collection of antique lighting ceiling fixtures and also some of the stained glass lamp shades I have restored for him over the past 30 years.

Stained glass lamp shade repair

     Obviously most stained glass lamp shade repairs mount on a base with a top finial.  But some shades rested on a 16-18″ ring.  On some quality high end stained glass shades the shade would rest on 3-4 arms that would support the shade on the base.  Other times a shade could be hung as a swag or chandelier suspended by chain or pipes.

Stained glass lamp shade repair

The other thing I want to mention about having bent glass foiled pieces verses flat glass foiled pieces is that the bent glass designs almost always had some form of geometry to the design.  Remember 100 years ago the forms used to assemble the glass pieces on were made of wood.  Having the mechanical or geometric drawing on the wood bowls to follow.  Tiffany designs with floral shaped pieces of glass were also assembled on wood forms but offered a free style design and less mechanical.  The free style design allowed the small flat glass pieces to be tipped to conform to the wood forms shape.  This slight angle again gave you the impression of bent glass pieces.

Tiffany stained glass lamp repair and restoration
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