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Swag slag glass panel lamp repairslag glass lamp panels

Slag glass lamp extra large panels 1904

By Len Daley

Extensive damage- slag glass panel lamp

     This very old 1904 swag was handed down to two sisters who share ownership.  The damage which was extensive from a moving situation causing (9) panels to be replaced.  Just prior to 1904 the original color was produced with a slightly browner tone.  After 1904 the manufacturer split the color into a more browner tone and a lighter creamy caramel tone.  Swag slag glass panel lamp repairFrom my inventory I was able to find a caramel sheet that had a little brown and more white to blend into the original panels.  Luckily the sheet provided enough glass to finish the (9) new panels.  I was also asked to replace the existing circle F paddle sockets with stationary 1904 porcelain sockets.  Back in the 1900’s most ceiling lamps used paddle or chain pulls and few homes had wall switches.

     The challenge with this shade was the type of construction used to hold the slag glass panels into the shade.  Each panel uses a rolled U brass channel to hold the glass in place.  When the shade was manufactured each glass panel was framed with the U brass then placed on a large wood mold soldering the brass edged panels together.  Then a brass 3/8 oval brass strapping was applied over the exterior seam of each panel.  When performing a repair on this type of construction the brass is typically removed, wrapped around the new panel then soldered back place.  Because there were so many panels to replace each brass U channel was split and capped after the new panels were installed.

     The size of this swag slag glass panel lamp (24″).  Is extremely difficult to box and vulnerable to damage.  The interior boxing required a 26″ double wall box.  While the exterior box was a 30″ box.  Not cheap to ship and difficult to pass through a doorway.

Bent curved glass panels repair
Curved glass repair
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