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Slag glass lamp repair – Tabs or U brass channel

     I often request additional pictures for slag glass lamp repair quotes.  Many client just start by sending one picture of the outside and ask for a ball park quote.  The lamp picture below represents many types of slag glass lamp repair.  The skirt work reflects a copper foil technique also known as the Tiffany copper foil technique.  It also reflects the typical brass U channel technique. slag glass lamp repair U brass

     The process or technique for building slag glass lamps morphed with production manufacturing.  Obviously folding brass tabs offered a quick assembling method.  U brass channel also offered a quick assembly method and a much stronger lamp shade when completed.  The huge difference happens later during the lamp repair process.  Again with just one picture to look at like above I’m often unable to detect whats going on under the bent glass panel shade.   I’m also unable to detect the type of texture the glass may have.  Seeing how the glass is held in answers a lot of questions to complete my quote.   View the additional pictures of this lamp design to get an understanding of the assembling technique.  Then try to understand the slag glass lamp repair it takes to remove and re assemble the pieces of bent glass.

U brass channel lamp repairIn this second picture you can see how I can now identify the glass texture and the method of construction (NO TABS).  Here is where this slag glass lamp repair becomes difficult.  IF the larger bent slag glass panels had tabs on the interior.  I would normally open the tabs, remove a good panel and proceed to copy and install a new panel.  Instead I have to UN-solder an original panel (with its U brass channel), remove the U channel and then start the copy process.  Later I need to re assemble the original and copy using the original brass channeling and then solder them into the same spots. 

slag glass lamp repairBasically this an advanced restoration process requiring lots of time and skill.  Below is a second example of U brass channeling.

Tiffany stained glass lamp repair and restoration
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I think you can see the lamp above is using both the copper foil technique in the floral skirt and U brass channel for the larger bent panels.  The lamp below use just the U brass channeling.  You can zoom in on the pictures to see the brass U that holds each bent panel and how I have removed the channeling from the broken panels.  After making my mold and bending my glass it takes a little grinding to re set the new glass into the original brass U channel.  Once the glass is wrapped I can then solder the new panels into the exact location of the original panels. (Each was numbered for location).