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Slag glass lamp repair – Bailey and Sons

bent glass lamp panel

Slag glass lamp repair

Slag glass lamp repair is simple most of the time.  Occasionally I come across a rare bent slag glass lamp that is challenge.  This lamp takes my breath away.  The original slag glass lamp mold maker was looking for a geometry challenge.  Slag glass lamp repairs like this rare Bailey and Sons chandelier is in another league..

Other restoration studio’s find lamp repairs like this intimidatingly difficult. Having completed hundreds of challenging slag glass lamp repairs harder than this bubble design.  It makes my work interesting.  Often I’m more intimidated by the shipping of something this delicate.  Part of what makes this slag glass lamp repair interesting is the foil technique used to hold the glass panels together.  Not required but in  the process of securing all the panels I incorporated an 18 gauge wire on the interior of the tent shapes which gave the lamp a lot more strength.  More lamps like this can be seen here.

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