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Slag glass lamp repair – Lighted table bases

Slag glass lamp repair in some case reflects working on base panels.  In this article I’m focusing on just lighted portable lamp bases.  A slag glass lamp base was a cool way to include 2-4 extra complimenting slag glass panels in the base.  Maybe a novel way to have a night light on in a room without having to light up the room.  In the 1880’s opal “slag glass” colors were produced by several glass manufactures in the USA.  Lamp companies like Tiffany, Handel, Bradley and Hubbard and others purchased flat sheets of opal slag glass and had them cut or bent by glass companies into panels for their slag glass lamps.  Review some of my slag glass lamp repair & lighted  table bases below.

Slag glass repair – 2 professional lighted table lamp bases restored

Lighted lamp base door and lamp parts

     Slag glass lamp repair can also be performed on lighted lamp bases.  Often panel repairs to a lamp shade meant matching the colors used in the base.  I would love to know who first came up with the novel idea of having a lighted table lamp base.  Antique slag glass repair to lighted base lamps are my favorite type of repair. I have repaired over a hundred of these bases. Most lighted table lamp bases arrive without a metal bottom door. The original lighted table lamp doors were made of tin and hinged with one or two pin clasps to hold them shut. “NO not child proof”.

     The door idea was obviously to gain access to the interior bulb and wiring. But over time the small brass hinge or clasp would detach and the door discarded. In some cases where the lamp was stored on a damp floor like in a basement. The tin doors would rust away.

Slag glass repair – Making a lighted table lamp base door

Lighted table lamp base repair antique lamp repairs near me     In this example a piano hinge (rod and tube) was created. Unless requested, doors are left unpainted. Some clients will install a felt or pad over the door using a contact glue technique.

slag glass lamp repair    

Lighted lamp base restoration can involve anything from re-wiring, changing a socket, replacing the bent slag glass panels, re-painting or mending a vertical arm support.  The lighted lamp base doors are often neglected because the owners never new a door was on the base until I bring it to their attention.

Lighted lamp base door and lamp parts     After the glass and wiring for three lights is complete I zip tie the wiring on the lamp. The opening is measured allowing space for overlapping, hinge and clasp to work properly.

Tiffany stained glass lamp repair and restoration
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