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Painting a slag glass lamp base and frame - Amanda's lamp repair

Last summer, my husband and I moved our heirloom slag glass lamp from Wisconsin to Boston.
It's been in my family for 5 generations, and when my parents recently downsized, we got it. Unfortunately, despite its inherent beauty, the lamp was starting to show its age with peeling paint, corrosion, and a break in the metal work, and we were a bit self-conscious about putting it on display in the living room given the state of it. So, this beauty has been hiding in a back bedroom for the last 6 months until I found Len.

Len is a master of his craft! Right away he started to tell me things about the lamp that I thought we would never know, like where it was made, how the glass got its unique finish, even a range of manufacturing dates! And now that Len has given the lamp a new paint job, fixed the breaks, and brought the wiring up to date, we are proud to have the lamp in its rightful place in the living room!

Painting a shade and base

Antique lamp repair slag glass lampsAmanda’s restoration involved NO slag glass bending or cutting.  I was so happy to know none of her glass was broken. Her glass is a very rare acid washed glass (no shine) which can no longer be made.  While debatable its a fact. 

Paint:  Her main issue was the visual corrosion caused by a cleaner left on the base and shade metal.  Pitted oxidation on the surface and back side of the metal where the cleaner was not wiped off.  Some say ammonia is the cause some say salt.  Its just part of the problem because most of her paint had aged out.  Basically the bond between the (lead) paint and metal starts to flake.  When this happens the raw metal is exposed to everything.

Metal:  Minor metal breaks where the white metal filigree connects over the glass panels.

Re wire:  Every 20-30 years all lamps require re wiring.  In some cases for safety, parts need to be upgraded to code..

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