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Metal filigree lamp repair– Missing or broken metal lamp parts

Metal filigree lamp repair   

Slag glass lamps with metal filigree overlay are an expression of light and design..  Where the metal work on the surface of the glass becomes lavish and decorative.   The metal design work can represent history, culture, art, nature or just line work.  Basically a lamp designer would hope to engage with the popular Metal filigree slag glass lamp panel repairdemands of the times but make their new designs  different than last years production.  Designs of early 1900’s were filled with new styles and idea’s every week and not just limited to form and function. Curved slag glass panel lamp repair Lamp designers worked with landscape designs incorporating every bird from an eagles to a phoenix or a moose to a beaver.  Anything the public could relate to.  While travel was exploding during this time period lamp designs would incorporate Chinese, Egyptian and European landscapes into their metal filigree work.  Again all this was part of the metal design.

      The expression of light was the second part of metal filigree lamp.  Where the darkness of the metal filigree overlay would expose the light emitting through the open areas.  Imagine using glass colors that represent the color of fields, sky, clouds and water.   Not only could the glass imply subjects but the glass could be warm or cold.   For the season or the time of day.  Hot colors could represent geographic warm places like Hawaii.  Cold colors were used to depict the alps or mountains in the winter.

      In some metal filigree designs I can Antique lamp catalogalmost say the glass gives you a sun set or sun rise feeling.   Typical advertising  for filigree metal table lamps back in the early 1900’s almost always reflected reading lamps with a relaxing setting for the home.  Something everyone aspired.

     Below are some fine examples of my professional metal repairs that I am proud of.    In most situations filigree lamps with missing metal work  are not repaired because of the cost.   It takes days of labor to remove existing metal to copy, create a mold, cast and install.  The restoration almost always means re painting the entire shade and base to complete this level of work.   In most cases broken filigree can be repaired on the back side or if a panel is cracked it can be bridged with copper.

Missing replacement metal parts are conditional.  The parts must have some substance to them (1.8 – 2mm).   The shape must be simple in that is can be completed with a poured cast not a spin cast.  While all metal cracks and bridge work is performed on the interior only, replacing missing metal work often reflects painting the entire frame.

Bent curved glass panels repair
Curved glass repair
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