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Rams Head Metal Casting

Tiffany lamp restoration

Metal casting Ram heads 1890 lamp
- By Len Daley

“A lovely apparition Fun!  Sent to be a moments ornament” – Howard Lory

Lamp repair and antique lamp restoration       Metal casting is a lot of work.  I had the opportunity to restore a1890’s Bradley and Hubbard oil lamp. While in the process of repairing the lamp I extracted one of the Ram head castings thinking someone is missing one of these cool parts and will need a copy. Parts like this are often removed or missing from old lamps.

Lamp repairs for Tiffany - Handel - Bradley Hubbard lamps.  Parts and salesWith the exception of missing lead (Pb).  My  alloy  custom made ram heads are 99.9% duplicates.  Finding an original would be impossible.  

Lamp repair and antique lamp restorationAbove I’m cleaning and chasing up the edges with a fine file. Scotch brite is a great metal polishing material. I find it works great prior to adding a patina finish.

Rams head metal casting, which is the copy?

BOTH are COPIESWhich one is the copy?  The brown one was the original that I used for the metal cast.

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