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Lamp sockets - Genuine antique replacement sockets

(Lighting)     The history of lighting fixtures can be researched back to the cave days.  Lamp repairThe impression of a cave man with a torch in his hand would be my first impression of a lighting fixture.  The socket would be a notch in the wall to hold the torch.  A torch or rush stick (sticks with animal fat) used by the  Egyptians and  Romans are generally credited with developing the wicked candle by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax.Lamp rewire repair The resulting candles were used to light their homes, to aid travelers at night, and in religious ceremonies.

Fast forward to the 1820’s – 1860’s, lighting resources can be found on Google or below.  If interested I recommend starting with the first link “the match”.

     Lamp Sockets

     Antique lamp socket repairEdison, inventor credited with the invention of the light bulb patented in 1880, was one of many inventors working on the idea of the light bulb and experimenting with electricity.   Edison’s electric light bulb was even better than a torch or candle (fire).  It was brighter, more consistent, and safer than the flame of candles and oil lamps.  This new form of light fueled by electricity would revolutionize many industries.   Municipal buildings, schools, banks and every business wanted to have electrical lighting.    But the average residential home or building would need to wait.   This was a time when buildings and homes had lighting set up for oil or gas.  Both well established forms of lighting.  A little off the subject but similar to switching over from gas cars to EV cars.

Bradley and Hubbard lamp socket repair     While the light bulb was patented in 1880 it took almost 20 years for it to be perfected for common use.   It would be the socket and plug design that had a lot to do with the development of electricity and its success.  From 1900-1910 common homes and families were looking to use light bulbs and gadgets with screw in sockets.  Having established electrical ceiling lighting in their homes.  People could run extension cords to a ceiling light socket to operate all the new Bradley and Hubbard lamp socket repairSewing machine plugs into wall lightLamp socket repairgadgets and inventions.   It wasn’t until about 1915 wall plugs became popular using flat prongs.

     Below are some pictures representing improvements, advances and changes for sockets.  Most having to do with manufacturing costs and standards.   Many of the changes with the sockets had to do with sharing patents.  Having parts that are interchangeable with other companies.  Off the subject but similar to Apple and a PC.

Antique lamp Socket Tutorial

Tiffany lamp shade

Tiffany stained glass lamp repair and restoration

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