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Blown glass lamp- curved glass panel lamp

Tiffany lamp restoration

Curved glass lamp panels

Tiffany style lamp repair

Tiffany lamp repair antique lamp repairs near me     This blown glass lamp was a very under estimated quote.  I thought it was a curved glass panel lamp.  I was sent a picture of this lamp with one broken panel (inverted and hung from a ceiling using three pipes and a canopy).  The quote was given and the shade arrived.  After closer investigation and a view of the inside reveled it was not 3 curved glass lamp panels but one large blown glass bowl that had been broken and then repurposed into a hanging lamp.  To hide the cracks in the bowl the artist used a copper foil overlay technique on the exterior to divide the bowl into three sections. A faceted 50mm jewel was used in the center where the punty rod was detached.  A really clever and beautiful piece of workBrass lamp frame

Brass lamp frameBrass lamp frame      In short.  From the inside of the bowl you can see where I marked off the 3 center lines of the outer copper foil overlay on the bowl. 
Step1.  Safely remove the outer copper foil off the blown bowl with a (hair drier).
Step2. Cut the bowl and extract 1/3rd of the bowl with a (band saw).
Step3. Create a mold using the original 1/3 glass to make 3 new glass panels.
Step4. Create a NEW brass frame to hold 3 new glass panels. (next picture)
Step 5. Re attach the old copper foil overlay over the new panels.  (see pictures).
Total cost: 2 weeks labor.Brass lamp frame

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