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Antique lamp repair – Joe’s grandmother

Antique lamp repairArticle-
“Joe’s grandmothers antique lamp repair and my mothers first dollar “

     Let me start by saying the UV restoration technique requires a lot of responsibility, risk and skills when performing an antique lamp repair. You can google the process at the Smithsonian library for conserving historical glass items or other places like Corning Glass
     Basically it takes a trained person that likes to solve a puzzle, strives for perfection, likes to help people but has a stop watch on the table. I’ve completed antique lamp repair work as pictured but it comes down to days of work.  Because the end results are functional and barley noticeable.  In the example above the glass color is NO longer made so the UV technique was used to do the antique lamp repair.  To the right is Joe’s clear glass etched shade being edge primed before starting the UV glue technique.

UV perfection

     One day I asked my mother why do you have a dollar pinned on the wall .  She said because it’s the first dollar I ever made in business.  I was young and expressed several question and concerns like, don’t you want to spend it, someone will take it, it doesn’t look good pinned on the wall.
     Mom’s gone now but I still have her dollar.  I would never spend it.  In fact I now have it on display in a picture frame.  Like Joe’s grandmothers antique shade it’s not worth much but functions as a valuable memory.  A memory I was happy to save.

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