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Slag glass lamps and bases for sale
They are looking to fill new homes with warm memories

     I have many slag glass lamps for sale.  Over the past 45 years I have often been asked to re purpose a slag glass lamp that has served a family for many years.  There is no one reason or a simple reason why these antique lamps have been left to my care.  Other than to say they are donated with heavy hearts and memories.  Many of the slag glass lamps for sale required a little love and professional work on my part.  Some of the slag glass lamps for sale are Bradley and Hubbard, E Miller, Salem Brothers, Chicago Mosaic, Rainaud and Moe Bridges.  Many are unmarked but all are genuine original 1900-1940 period.

     This collection of slag glass lamps reflect an understanding with the original owners that I will  restore their lamp and find a new family that is willing to cherish their 100 year old lamp.

     Some of the lamps in my collection have been completely restored.  Others left in their historical condition.  My collection of over (30) lamps is always changing.  To view them just go to my lamp  All antique slag glass lamps for sale are available if posted.  Questions please call me first.

Several Bradley and Hubbard slag glass lamp shades with bases for sale

(#14 Primrose)

This once gas fueled lamp was converted to electric when electricity became popular in 1900.


Slag glass lamp for sale

(#21 Lily)

1920’s B&H Lily of the valley style slag glass lamp and base are for sale.  Evening sky background.

Slag gass lamp for sale
(#25 Lighted Base)

Lighted base with 11 slag glass panels  Circa 1920’s.  Matching upper and lower glass.


Slag glass lamp for sale

(#15  Iris 3 sockets)

This Bradley and Hubbard matching base and shade appear in a 1924  catalog.


slag glass lamp for sale

(#31 Water Lily)

Fully restored slag glass lighted lamp base Circa 1920’s. Ready for 100 more years.


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Slag glass lamp bases for sale

Lighted slag glass lamp base

(#B112) 1900-1910

This popular caramel panel lighted base will work well with many shades using caramel blends.  Original detailed painted metal work.


Slag glass lamp base for sale

(#B102) 1920’s

Rewired 1920’s B&H double pull chain with original sockets. Matching acorn pulls.  Aged metal patina is mostly brass.

1920's Bradley and Hubbard fully restored lamp base.
(#B111 1920’s)

 Fully restored Bradley and Hubbard base.  New decorative paint and clear coating.  1905 sockets. Re wired. Circa 1920’s base.

Slag glass lamp base for sale(#B104 Bridges style)

Re wired Moe Bridges style solid base.  Rare weighted pull chains. Circa 1920’s

Slag glass lamp base for sale(#B107 Fleur de lis)

This fleur de lis lamp base is simple and sleek.  It has an aged gloss lacquer finish. Re wired Weber sockets. Circa 1915.


NEED a base.  I have many bases for sale  that may work with your existing shade.

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For Sale

Circa 1890’s (gas) slag glass table lamp

Slag glass lamp for sale

SKU# 22     No manufactures marks.  EXTREMELY  rare find that’s in very good condition based on age and use.  This antique lamp base still has the original gas fitting tube on the base.  $2,900*

Looking for a historical table lamp to warm your heart and home.  Can easily be converted to electric. More pictures and to purchase it.  CLICK HERE