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Tiffany stained glass
and bent curved slag glass panel lamp repairs

  • Tiffany, Handel, Bradley & Hubbard lamp repair
  •   Historical building lighting restoration
  •  Church lighting restoration
  • Antique heirloom lamp restoration
  • Stained glass lamp repair
  • Lamp base and rewiring repair
           I will bring to your lamp project over 40 years experience, knowledge and resources.  Working for churches, architectural lighting companies, historical building groups and antique lighting dealers….

     My Tiffany lamp repair and slag glass lamp repair studio is in Tiverton Rhode Island just north of Newport. It is a great area full of artists, craftsman, vineyards, farmland and antique shops. My lamp repair studio stocks over 600 colors of glass, with some of the rarest textures and styles made over 100 years ago.   Colors used by Bradley Hubbard lamp, Tiffany lamp, Miller lamp, Handel and other lamp lighting companies from the early 1900’s.
     Ownership of an antique bent slag glass or stained glass lamp sometimes carries a lot of pride and responsibility over the years.  A client will often express in-depth knowledge about their lamp when it arrives for restoration. Some will show me black and white pictures from a photo album with their antique slag glass lamp in the background.  When clients describe their lamp they start by saying “this Tiffany lamp has been in my family for many years”.  Please review my testimonial page and see how my skills and craftsmanship have helped many owners of antique lighting over the past 40 years.   My portfolio is broad from a lighting fixtures in Korea, England, Canada, Netherlands and Belgium.   To  churches and the Christian Science Center in Boston.  To be less intimidating you can browse and enjoy some of my local bent slag glass lamp repairs below.

     I inventory 6,000 +/- square feet of  rare antique glass colors in various densities and textures.  Many colors used in the early 1900’s by companies like Handel, Bradley and Hubbard, Tiffany, Wilkinson, Rainaud and others.slag glass replacement panels   Glass is available bent or flat depending on your slag glass needs.  Please review some of the pictures below that I send to clients before I start the restoration.

Professional restoration –

“Communication and trust with clients from around the world since 1978”

Antique lamp repair and partsI love re wiring and restoring lamp bases back to original period.  I can remove non conforming past repairs so its back to its beautiful original look.  Upgrades for SAFETY are a priority for me.

Lamp repair rewiring unsafe lamp plugs with molded polarized cord setsI also inventory hundreds of original sockets and clusters by

  • Webber – Arrow E
  • Hubbell – Perkins
  • G.E –  Edison
  • Bryant and others 
  • MORE about sockets here

      Are you looking for lost or missing white metal parts for your slag glass or reverse painted panelCurved antique lamp repairs near me lamp?  Has your base or shade metal been compromised with poor past repairs?
Finding the right person with the skill set and knowledge to restore this type of metal is difficult.  There are many people that will say they can do the work or will attempt to fix white metal.  I believe most shops can perform minor repairs like adding a new tab or soldering an old tab back on.  But beyond that advanced skills are required.  Many antique dealer trust and use my skills and experience  to restore their metal frames, chandelier arms and bases.  Click for more  metal work →

BeAntique lamps repairfore I offer the option of painting a metal lamp shade or base I need to know the conditions and express my approach to each project.
Basically the process I use is a cold form of painting which was performed by many manufactures during the turn of the century.  Not to be confused with metal plating.  I first evaluate the metal by removing and testing a sample spot of the original paint. After testing depending on the type of metal I may sandblast, grind or wire brush prepping the metal before painting.   A typical air brush approach is 1 coat primer, 2 base coats and 1 coat clear sealer.  An optional 1 coat 5-10% decorative can be applied.  Past painting project click HERE

Step 1 Quote & Pricing

How I can identify bent slag glass lamp issues

Slag glass replacement panels are made to order.  Most slag glass replacement panels are completed the same week.

I can best help you after you email pictures
To complete your quote for restoration if you include the following.
1. Pictures of both the inside and outside of the lamp.
2. The size- Diameter x Height.
3. The number of broken pieces.
4. Describe metal issues or glass issues I may not see in the pictures.

I will include suggestions and comments along with links regarding shipping and packaging with your work order PDF quote.

Send pictures to my Email
Questions phone: 401-314-6005 (non text line)

  • Custom mold work 135-$225
  • Bent Glass Panels 75-$280
  • Flat Glass cut to size/shape $45 – up
  • Bench Work (glass, electrical, metal) $80 hr.
  • Painting- quote per project

Historical Curved Glass Lamp Panel Repairs

Historical Museum Restoration
Historical - Municipal and Church lighting restoration Mary Baker Eddy Library Boston MA by Perry Pratt and Len Daley
Church Lighting Restoration
Church and Municipal building lighting restoration by- Len Daley
Municipal Buildings and Residential
Working for government and historical restoration companies.
Auditoriums and Hall Lighting
Working for architectural restoration companies
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lamps arrive from around the world for restoration

     If your lamp has made it to my work bench then both your lamp and your concerns will be treated with respect.

     Communication and trust are my first tools for restoration. Then comes my professional experience and knowledge. Having worked on over a thousand antique lamps since 1978 I know your antique lamp will be in the best hands. 

Saving heirlooms and memories during the PANDEMIC.   I love helping people…….

Bent slag glass lamp panel repairs

     To these surviving antique bent glass panel lamps I say “happy birthday”.  Most are over 110 years old and I’ve enjoyed giving them another100 more years.  As a lighting restoration craftsman.  I’m focused on the preservation of these American made lighting fixtures.  They have survived wars, scrap yards, depressions, and a pandemic.  The memories and legacy of the past owners are being restored as well.

     My goal is to help you with my knowledge and expert skills get the work completed.  When a lamp arrives with poor past glass repairs, no wiring or missing glass.  I can often correct the situation.  The results are impressive.

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Stained glass lamp repair
Generious nephew repairs his aunt's original Circa 1930's stained glass lamp shade after 25 years in the attic "I'm just saving MEMORIES".
Stained glass shade restoration-

The attic is a special space for saving things we love and never want to give up………
stained glass lamp shade repair

     When I talked with Steve I was impressed with his respect for others.  His deep concerns and compassion for saving something his aunt held on to for many years.  Unfortunately the heat of the attic in a box just a little to small for this large lamp was too much.  The weight of the shade on a slight angle caused one side of the stained glass shade to collapse.   Click on pictures to enlarge.